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This looks good. I mean it. But to be honest, there were some mistakes that I saw right off the bat. From my point of view, the right s...

Sora 2 by de-twilight

Very good! I love how well Sora is drawn in this picture. The shadows running across his body are done very well and I like the pose th...



“How’s your girlfriend?”
“She’s not my girlfriend. But of course, you knew that already.”
Maine chuckled, his eyes on the road. “I know.”
Scraps was a younger wolf, who had many different colors on his fur, the majority of them being red and cream. His tail was sky blue with a cream underside, and the outside of his ears were green. He very rarely spoke unless spoken to.
He and Maine were driving towards the city. They had been on the road for a good twenty minutes, riding in Maine’s ’69 Oldsmobile 442, another car from his collection of classic cars that he had restored and upgraded. The car purred as it hugged the winding roads of the forest. Scraps turned towards his older friend.
“So, out of all your friends that you could have spent time with, why did you want to spend it with me?”
“Because you know what happened, and you won’t bother me about it. It’s nice to have a friend who won’t go crazy trying to make me feel better.”
“You’re sure that it’s not because I am the quietest one and won’t talk about your problem much?”
Maine let a smirk slide across his face. “Well, there’s that, too.”
The car exited the woods, shining brightly as the sunlight bounced off the paint.
“Where are we going, anyways?”
“You’ll see.”
“It scares me when you are secretive about these things. Makes me wonder if you’re setting me up for something.”
“Oh, come on, Scraps. I only did that to you once.”
“Twice. And it doesn’t matter. It always has me on edge now.”
“Well, I promise that I am not setting you up for a surprise this time.”
“Yeah. THIS time.”
Scraps stared out the window, watching the city lights wiz by as they went down the highway.
“Maine. I have a question for you.”
The older canine eyed the young wolf. “Okay. What is it?”
“When you are interested in a girl…and she is interested in you…how do you…you know…ask her out? I know it should be easy,  but…”
Maine shook his head, focusing on the road again, shifting gears. “Trust me. It’s never easy. Even in the scenario that you just gave me, it’s not easy. But if you are really that interested in her, than just go for it. Speak from your heart. If you can’t do that, then don’t even try.”
The younger canine snorted. “Speak from my heart. You make it sound easy.”
Maine leaned his head back as he let out a laugh. “Like I just said, it’s not easy. Love is a tough subject, man. But sense it’s NOT easy, all you can really do is ask her out. I mean, if you wait too long, someone else will sweep in and ask her out. Make your move sooner than later.”
“But…what if she says ‘no’?”
“That’s a bit of a fuzzy subject. However, I can tell you one thing that you shouldn’t do.”
Scraps turned his head, focusing on the older wolf. “And what’s that?”
Maine shifted gears, eyes still glued to the road. “Don’t give up. If she says ‘no’ the first time, then wait a bit, and then ask her again. Do this a few times. If she does not show any signs of actually changing her mind, then she isn’t the right choice.”
“But…what if I can’t find another like her?”
“Trust me. There is someone out there for you. It will hurt for a bit, yes. But you will find a wonderful girl someday. And besides, who says she will say ‘no’? She might say ‘yes,’ and all this worrying will be for nothing.”
“I-I’ll try. Tomorrow. I’ll ask her tomorrow.”
A smile slowly revealed itself on the wolf’s blue lips, his eyes changing their focus to Scraps for a split-second. “That’s the spirit.”
Scraps smiled. His smile slipped away as he looked outside the car, ears twitching. “Uh, Maine? Where are we?”
Slowly, the car turned into a driveway, leading to a wired gate. Inside the gate was an airport with an extremely long airstrip. On that airstrip were several cars, their drivers talking and drinking.
Scraps jumped as he heard tires squealing. He looked around for the source of the screaming of tires. He could see two cars racing down the runway, past a pair of flags. He turned to Maine as he heard him chuckle.
“Welcome to Racer Heaven. An abandoned airport where racers compete to find who is the fastest.”
“W-what are we doing here?!”
“Isn’t it obvious?” The wired gate slowly slid open, allowing the Oldsmobile to creep through. “We’re here to race.”
The car crept to a stop as they approached the other cars. Maine slowly shut off the engine, grinning widely as he faced Scraps.
“Let’s go.”
Maine slowly opened up his door, Scraps doing the same, both stepping out and closing their doors. A yellow Labrador walked up to Maine, smiling grabbing his hand and pulling him in close, patting his back with his free arm.
“Maine! Glad you could make it!”
“You know I wouldn’t miss this for anything.” The wolf slowly took his hand back, pointing at his companion. “This is my pal, Scraps. He’s here to visit.”
The lab smiled, holding his fist towards Scraps. “Nice to meet ya. Name’s Max.”
“N-nice to meet you,” replied the timid wolf, gently pounding the mutt’s fist with his own.
The lab laughed, looking back at Maine.
“Man. You really like bringing people here, don’t you? First that girl, now this guy.”
Maine’s eye lowered, his smile fading away. “Yeah.”
Max noticed this, frowning a bit. He then eyed the car, chuckling.
“Brought the 442 back, huh?”
The older canine chuckled, a smiling returning to his lips, looking at his car. “Yep. Sure did.”
“Are you sure you want to use that car? Last time, you didn’t even want to do more than one run with it.”
“Yeah. I replaced the fan system. I also made a few other modifications. It will run longer and faster. I will remain undefeated.”
The young dog laughed. “You still have to run against my Supra. I made a few tweaks. I’ll smoke you!”
“Well, we’ll find out tonight. Just remember that during the big race tonight, you are losing more than just your money. You’re losing your pride.”
“Yeah, right! You will lose more pride when I finally beat you tonight, making your score finally imperfect.”
Maine smiled. “We’ll see. I’ll go smoke some poser’s until then. Can you do me a favor and show my friend the ropes?”
Max looked at the young wolf, smiling. “Sure!”
“Great! Now, if you two will excuse me…” Maine slowly opened his car door, stepping inside. “…I will be making money.” He closed the door, turning the key, the engine roaring to life. As he drove off, he looked in the rearview mirror, smiling as he saw Max and Scraps chatting.
As they watched the car drive off, Scraps turned to Max.
“Earning money?”
“Yeah. Almost everyone here has money to waste. So they do it in stakes races. Most of the races have small winnings. About $1,000 per race. Later in the day, the winnings go to $5,000 per race. But the last race is where it’s at.”
“H-how much is the last race worth?”
Max grinned. “Four cars racing, each driver putting up $10,000. Do the math.”
Scraps mouth opened wide. “The winner of the race gets $30,000?!”
“That’s right. Now come on. I’ll show you around.” The lab slowly walked of, the wolf following closely.
“Just one last question: is Maine really undefeated?”
Max grimaced. “Yes. But tonight, that changes. I will win. Now come on. We’ll get you some food.”
As they walked towards the coolers that were all stacked together, Scraps could hear the sound of Maine’s car racing down the straightaway. He wished Maine luck, and then followed closely to Max, ready for a drink.
The Story of Maine Chapter 3
It has been awhile since I wrote a story. And I have always wanted to write a story about my fursona, Maine. So I figured I would start ^u^ Hope you guys like it!

Note that none of these characters are based on real people or events.

Anyways, see you guys later!

Maine, Scraps, Max, and story belong to me, MaineIsTheMeta :iconmaineisthemeta:
Maine could see his house in the distance, through the trees. It was hard to miss. It was the only house in the woods, and it was massive, including a garage right next to it that was almost the same size as the house itself. He rolled down the window, breathing in the rushing air. That was one benefit of living in the woods. All the air was fresh.
As he approached his driveway, he could see a figure standing at the side. A purple furred wolf. His snout was teal, and his tail was lined in three colors: lime, teal and red. Maine leaned his head back as he got closer, recognizing the person of whom was waiting for him. He slowly pulled in, stopping right next to the wolf.
“Did you need something, Treedor?”
The young wolf leaned down, smiling a bit.
“I was wondering if you were busy tonight.”
“Not you too.” Maine rolled his eyes, sighing in disgust, slowly rolling up his window and driving to his garage. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Treedor walking along side the black muscle car. Without even looking, he reached up, hitting a button, opening the garage.
As the Chevelle approached the inside, the garage was emitted in a bright light, revealing several other cars, and a few empty spots. He coasted his car into one of the empty spots and shut off the engine, the noise slowly dying down.
The door opened up, his feet slowly being planted firmly on the ground. He reached back, grabbing his new guitar, and closing the door as he pulled it out. He then proceeded to lock the door, and then turn his attention to the purple canine approaching him.
The pup shook his head, staring at Maine. “You know, you can be a stubborn mutt at times, you know that? All I wanted to know is you wanted to hang out with me and ZigZag tonight.”
The older wolf snorted, a slight smile emerging from his lips. “I know. And you think it’s a good idea to have me hanging out with Ziggy? I mean, he’s my friend, yes. But he’s also a jerk.”
“True. But still, it would do you good. You really need to get away from your house.”
“Thanks, but I’ll pass.” Maine walked past his friend, heading for the pathway to his house. The younger wolf followed close behind.
“Come on, Maine. You need to go out in the town. If you spend too much time to yourself, you’ll start becoming a hermit.”
“Is that a terrible thing?” He reached inside his pocket, pulling out his house keys and sticking it inside the door, turning it, waiting until her heard the clicking noise of his doing unlocking before turning the handle.
“Not unless that person is you. You are one of the most outgoing, friendly, helpful people I have ever known. This is not like you at all.”
“’Dor…Why do you think that I want to be alone? Because something tragic happened to me for the second time in my life…and this time, I can’t run away from it. I can only distract myself from it.”
Treedor extended his hand, gently placing it on Maine’s shoulder. “I know you are hurting, buddy. But your friends want to help you. We want you to forget about h-“
Maine shrugged off Treedor’s hand, looking him dead in the eyes. “Do not bring it up.”
The purple mutt let his lips droop slightly, lowering his gaze. “Sorry. I just want to help.”
“You know, you are starting to sound a lot like Laura right now.” Maine closed the door, hanging up his keys. “She called me earlier today, inviting me to a party. And when I said ‘no,’ she got that same sad tone in her voice, and said almost the exact same thing.”
“For a good reason! We just want to help you, Maine!”
“I know you guys do. But like I told Laura, I want some time to myself. Plus, I have plans tonight.”
“I really don’t think you should be by yourself.”
Maine raised his eyebrow, a funny grin emerging from his lips. “Oh you don’t, dad?”
“You should be with someone tonight. You seem more on edge than you have this entire past month.”
“I want to be alone.”
“I can’t let that happen.”
“And who are you to tell me what I can and can’t do, kid?”
“As a friend, I am strongly suggesting you be with someone tonight.”
“That’s not happening.” Maine jerked his head back forwards, walking into the living room and placing the guitar and case on the nearest couch.
“At least take Scrapes with you.”
Maine paused, tail swishing side to side. After a moment, he looked at Treedor.
“Isn’t he going to Laura’s party with his girlfriend?”
“First off, they are not official yet. Second, he didn’t want to go. You know him. He is shyer then you are when you are around girls you don’t know.”
The blue wolf began stroking his chin, pondering this thought. Then smiled, turning his attention back to the multicolored wolf.
“You know what? That’s fine. Scraps can tag along. He is the quietest of us all, and he is less likely to bother me with trying to make me forget about things.”
Treedor crossed his arm, shaking his head. “Of course you’d hang out with the quietest one of us. Fine. I’ll call him now. What time should he show up?”
“Tell him to be here around 6 PM. And tell him to wear at least a hoodie. He will want something warm to wear, now that the nights are getting chili.”
The pup pulled out his phone, dialing in Scraps number. “Will do. I’m just glad you decided to have someone come along.”
Maine turned away, his smile disappearing. “Yeah. It used to be her.” He slowly sat down, grabbing his T.V. remote, turning the idiot tube on, trying to pass the time.
The Story of Maine Chapter 2
It has been awhile since I wrote a story. And I have always wanted to write a story about my fursona, Maine. So I figured I would start ^u^ Hope you guys like it!

Note that none of these characters are based on real people or events.

Anyways, see you guys later!

Maine, Laura, Treedor, Scraps, and story belong to me, MaineIsTheMeta :iconmaineisthemeta:
“Ow! Son of a…”
“I told you not to plug in that amp yet.”
The young eagle looked at the Labrador, glaring down upon him. “I figured you would have it fixed by now.”
The yellow lab turned his attention to the large amplifier once more, a small grin running across his lips. “Well, now you know that it isn’t.”
The bird turned away, steaming.
These two were working on amplifiers for the local music store in Boise, Idaho. Their entire job was to look at fixing malfunctioning amplifiers and broken guitars. This was one of their daily quarrels. All the store employees and regular shoppers were used to it and just ignored it.
The eagle looked around, trying to find something to work on in order to cool down. His eyes turned to a person he had not noticed before. A wolf. He began to study this new canine.
He was rather large, by the looks of him. His body was covered in a solid blue colored fur, except for a large, red streak running down to the tip of his tail. He wore a hat, which covered a full head of a much darker shade of blue hair. Two ears stuck out from little holes in the hat. He wore a black hoodie and cargo pants. He was hunched over, a guitar in his hands.
The young bird pointed to the wolf. “Hey. Do you know him?”
The canine turned, following where the eagles feathered finger was pointing, finally noticing the body of which was being spoken of. Slowly, he shook his head, going back to his work.
“He could be a new costumer.”
“Yeah. Maybe. Hold on a minute…” The young fowl cocked his head to the side, looking at the guitar in the wolfs hands. “I think he is trying to fix the guitar that we have been working on for a few months now.”
A low chuckle came from the lab’s throat. “Maybe you should warn him that he won’t be able to fix it.”
“Well, it will give me something to do, even if it only lasts for a few seconds.”
The bird slowly walked over to the wolf. As he got closer, he could hear the wolf mumbling words such as “you go here and you go here.” Once he was standing directly behind the blue fellow, he began to speak.
“Excuse me, sir. But I don’t think you will be able to get that guitar to work.”
Without turning his head, the wolf began to speak. “Really? Why not?”
“Because my friend and I have been working on that guitar for months now, and we haven’t been able to fix it. I can show you another guitar, if you’d like.”
“That’s okay. I’ll take this guitar.” The young wolf slowly reached down, picking up a jack, and plugging it into the guitar. He then turned on the amplifier which the guitar was connected to.
A loud squawking noise came from the bird’s beak. “Sir. Trust me, no matter what you do, that guitar won’t wo-“
He was interrupted by a loud, heavy sound coming from the amplifier. He stared at amazement as the wolf began to pick away at the strings, sounds emitting from the amp with each stroke that was made with the pick. His blue fingers ran up and down the fret board of the black, V-shaped guitar with movements as fast as lightning. The wolf ended his performance with one last strum on the top three strings, giving one last epic boom from the amp.
The wolf slowly stood up, holding up the guitar, a smile on his face. “Yep. I think I will buy this.” He looked at the fowl, noticing his eyes were wide open and beak was hanging open. “You’re wondering how I got it to work, aren’t you?”
The eagle nodded his head, his face frozen in an expression of bewilderment.
The lone canine let a low chuckle escape his throat, a smirk on his face. “You guys didn’t check the wiring in the jack. The wire wasn’t even connected. The rear humbucker pickups were not connected, either. Just connect those, and you’re golden. Now, how much is the guitar?”
The bird of prey stared at the wolf for a few moments, mouth hanging open the entire time. He finally broke the silence. “It’s..uh, it’s…”
“It was originally $1,000,” interrupted the yellow lab, walking up next to the still awe-stricken eagle. “…but no one has been able to fix that guitar for 4 months now. Since you managed to do it in just a few moments, you can purchase it for $700. We’ll even throw in a case for it.”
The wolf’s lips parted upward, a full row of very sharp teeth being revealed to create a big smile. “Thanks!”
Before any of them could say another word, the wolf picked up a case for the guitar and took it and the guitar to the checkout station. As he pulled out his wallet and put the cash on the counter, the lab smiled.
“I have to ask,” the yellow mutt said as he took the cash and gave the wolf back his change and a receipt. “…are you a roadie? Some of the best guitar mechanics I know were, or still are, roadies.”
The wolf chuckled as he slid the guitar into the case, zipping it up and slinging it over his shoulder. “No, sir. I am just a wolf who loves music and working on guitars.” He then turned around, heading out the door, leaving the lab standing there, grinning, and the eagle there, eyes and mouth still wide open.
As he walked to his car, he could feel his right pocket vibrating. He reached inside, pulling out his phone and checking the caller ID. A picture of another young wolf covered the screen, half her face orange, and the other half purple. There was a big smile on her face and she was holding up her fingers in a “peace” sign. The wolf sighed, hitting the “accept call” button and putting the phone up to his ear. He could hear a cheerful voice on the other end of the phone.
“Hey, Maine! How are you doing? Are you doing well?”
“What do you want, Laura?”
He could hear the young female growling slightly. “Geez, Maine. If that is how you answer the phone to your friends, then it’s a wonder how you have any friends at all!”
“That’s because you generally don’t call me on a Saturday unless you want to either hook me up with a date, or get me to come to a party, neither of which I am a big fan of.”
“Hey! That’s not true at all!”
“Really? Tell me, then: When was the last time in the last month that you called me to hang out or just chat?”
There was a long pause. “…uh…”
Maine snorted. “Exactly. So, tell me. Which is it: setting me up for a date, or inviting me to a party?”
“Knew it. I am not interested.”
“Oh, come on, Maine! You have been spending alone time for the last month in a half! Ever since y-“
“Don’t remind me,” he said in a low growl. “I just want to be alone. Is that so hard?”
“Can you at least think about it?”
“No. And not just because I don’t want to. I made plans for tonight.” He slowly walked up to his car, a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454. He slowly unlocked the car door, putting the guitar case in the back seat, then sitting down, shutting the door.
He could hear Laura sighing deeply. He knew what was coming next. He prepared for the pouty voice.
“I’m sorry. I just wanted to help. I know you were hurt. I just wanted to help out a friend.”
“I know,” Maine responded in a gentle, low tone voice. “Thank you. But this is something I need to get over on my own.”
He could hear her sighing more. He smiled, talking in an even more gentle voice. “Look. I promise that when I feel better, I will come to one of your parties. I promise.”
“That’s a promise?”
“Yes. And if I break that promise for no good reason, I will give you the chance to really clock me in the face.”
He could hear her chuckle a bit. “Okay. But just remember this: I may be a girl, but I have mean right jab.”
He chuckled, rubbing his right arm. “I remember. I have to go. I’ll talk to you later.”
“Okay. See you later, Maine.”
“See you later, Laura.”
He hung up the phone, putting it back in his pocket. He then inserted the key into the ignition. He turned the key, smiling as the big-block V8 roared to life. He sat there for a moment, enjoying the rhythmic rumbling of the engine. After awhile, Maine put the car into the first gear, pulled the classic muscle car out of the parking lot, and headed for his house.
The Story of Maine Chapter 1
It has been awhile since I wrote a story. And I have always wanted to write a story about my fursona, Maine. So I figured I would start ^u^ Hope you guys like it!

Note that none of these characters are based on real people or events.

Anyways, see you guys later!

Maine, Laura the Labrador, the eagle, and story belong to me, MaineIsTheMeta :iconmaineisthemeta:
Kira got Swag, mother f**ker (AT) by MaineIsTheMeta
Kira got Swag, mother f**ker (AT)
Yet another art trade. This time, for :iconxxtheexiledonexx: This is her character, Kira. Tried to make her look cool XD Sorry if you don't like the cross I added on the arm-warmer. I didn't want a blank arm-warmer, and the cross was the first thing that came to mind :\ Anyways, I hope you like it, Exie! ^u^

See you guys later!

Kira belongs to XxTheExiledOnexX :iconxxtheexiledonexx:

Art belongs to me, MaineIsTheMeta :iconmaineisthemeta:
Hey guys! So, I am working on art trades right now, and requests. But I had an interesting idea: What if I did commissions for people, but with music? I mean, I know some of you guys have Youtube accounts, and I know all of you have personal characters. I could create some music for those characters or your accounts! Of course, this might be a really dumb idea. But I thought I would through it out there. My question is: if I did offer to do theme songs for you guys for a small price, would you want me to? Thanks! Hope to hear from you guys! See ya

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Also, our oc's, Helmer and Asuna, are still married X3

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:iconcombat-paws: Cousin: My cousin who can tell when something is stupid and dumb and when it's okay, and see's a lot of the same things that I do (but expresses it more than me)

:iconfrostedclovercats: Cousin: Always there to make me feel better about my art, and an amazing artist

:iconsbacty99: Bro: The girl who is always there to make me feel better, and prefers to be called "bro" around her close friends

^^ HelmerXAsuna stamp by SecretsOfTheShadows Asuna and Helmer stamp by The-Swaggy-Monster Helmer the Hedgehog Stamp (test) by MaineIsTheMeta comission stamp sakura by HavickTheLion Winter Fan stamp by winterglow-the-kitty Disturbed Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Skillet, Awake by TheSaladMan Aerosmith Animated Stamp 2 by dA--bogeyman #026 Raichu by xXEclipseTheCatXx [stamp] Traditional Art by PizzaFisch AC DC Stamp by joanchris


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